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Conference Registration Fees:

Attendee registration fees cover the participation in all events of the IEEE SGSMA 2021.

Registrations is done online through registration system. Participants may pay instantly using their credit card (VISA/MASTERCARD), or they may choose to pay through the bank (bank transfer). The whole payment and registration process is easy to use, secure, and can be completed in a few minutes.

  Regular fee Late fee
(after 05.05.2020.)
IEEE Members
and students

950 HRK
(≈ 125 EUR)

1500 HRK
(≈200 €)
Non IEEE Members 1400 HRK)
(≈185 EUR)
2250 HRK
(≈300 €)

All prices include VAT which is 25% in Croatia.

All payments must be done in Croatia kunas (HRK) in accordance to Croatian legislation. The fees in Euros (EUR) are approximate and subject to change due to changes in exchange rates.

To all payments the “no refund” policy is applied.

Credit card payments must be processed in Croatian Kunas (HRK) in accordance to Croatian law. Therefore, fees in Euros are approximate. The exchange rate on 05 March 2021 was 1 EUR = 7,57 HRK.

If you have any problems with payment process please send an email mailed to

The coordination and organization of payment process is done by the Concorda Ltd.